Galveston Archery Club

Five men in 1964 started the Galveston Archery Club to promote archery, hunting and to have a range to practice and hold tournaments. The empty building above the library and city hall at 302 ½ E. Jackson St. has become a place of many good memories for archers and their families. The metal ceilings can still be seen above the dropped ceiling. The gas lights are a thing of the past. The stage was removed after the archers shot up hill for some time and the bare floor now has a shine.

Since 1964 when Don Dillman, Al Cooper, Jerry Coomer, Doug Myers, and Bill Clifton started Galveston Archery Club, the club has remained in existence, being one of the oldest archery clubs in Indiana. President Rock Kline, Vice President Ed Landgrave, Secretary Don Logan, Treasurer Ben Rance and 4 Directors, Gary Mock, Gene Prifogle, Ron Edwards, Whitney Burton who are elected by the approximate 50 members and their families presently govern the club.

Over the years archers have seen many changed in a very versatile sport. The first members used recurve bows. Then came the compound bows with aluminum arrows. Now archery consists of very high tech equipment and the new wave of archers going “back” to the recurve bows for something different.

The range is open Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays for practice. Tournaments are held on the weekends from October to April. Competitors and families come from all over the state. The club has had many state, national and world champions and trophy winners of several archery organizations. Visitors and guest are always welcome.

The Galveston Archery Club will remain a corner stone of Galveston with our thanks to the Galveston Town Board who has worked with us to make our club what it is today.